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09/11/2001 wake up call.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I am David Joseph Lango, born July 2, 1958 in Buffalo, N.Y.

We can start this serious conversation with some humor if you like: or read “THEY KILLED OUR PRESIDENT” by Jesse Ventura.

Too heavy duty? Okay, about the humor John Oliver presented to (imho) hero of the world, Edward Snowden…

The government can see your junk; that’s the line in the sand everyone agrees with. I do not agree with much of what John Oliver has to present, as he is a British subject, and explores gun control. I watched a video where he ridicules that ‘gun control doesn’t work’. So this particular journalist came up with a gem in the middle of me thinking he should just kiss my ass.

He did good!

The old lady who announces that if the government had a program that would retain a picture of her husband’s penis? She would want that government program shut down. Even though she doesn’t believe the gov’t does that, or would dare to do that, in the first place.

Edward Snowden doesn’t realize how simple everyone is, and regrets not putting everything in the perspective of a picture of one’s junk. I laughed so hard the first time through, I had to watch it again to see what I missed.

It would be a revolution, if everyone from the grassroots to government, stopped borrowing money. It would fix everything without firing a shot.

It’s the only way to shake PTB authority.



The “Powers That Be”, or PTB, is a global hegemony. Various names to describe the PTB include Illuminati, Skull and Dagger~33rd degree Masons, Jesuit Priests, Trilateral Commission, RAND, Warburg, Venetian Nobles, AIPAC, Bilderberg Meetings, Bohemian Grove, and individuals who are complicit and party to, including, Rockefeller, Soros, Bloomberg, and all six of the Jewish owners of all major mainstream media, including FOX, and their many agents. JFK said it is a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy expanding its sphere of influence by covert means and censoring the news.

They create the arguments for people to debate with a predetermined establishment solution already crafted, by censoring and editing everything that gets published or gets on television.

Perhaps the most visible in history is the House of Rothschild. One of the Rothschild mothers announced if her sons did not want war, there wouldn’t be any.”
Rothschild family motto: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

Secret societies like the Rothschilds hide their castles of wealth in plain sight like the one they call their “United States” Federal Reserve Bank in Washington D.C.. It’s privately owned and the PTB won’t allow Congress to audit the Fed. Start adding up national debts to this global central banking system, to get an idea of their ‘worth’.

False flag operations like 9/11 are based on lies to foment war.

jet fuel

The PTB had the buildings in New York blown up, on 9/11/2001, and got away with blaming Muslim terrorists, because they tightly control our Jewish owned media. It took a wicked amount of engineering for those demolitions to not leave gigantic piles of rubble, and/or huge chunks of the building left, that didn’t explode. One miscalculation would result in an uneven ‘collapse’ where much of the skyscraper still towered hundreds of feet in the air.

My professional pedigree is important to share. I can make a better call on what we have on video than any engineer without hands on, in the field experience.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries issued me a Users License to set power poles in solid rock with dynamite, primer cord, and electric blasting caps. Also while reporting for duty at the Hanford cleanup mission from 1992 to 2004 I was witness to many demolitions.

Ground Zero was a smoking hole that burned until Dec. 21, 2001. What kind of fires burn under water?

So whodunit?

There is much fuss made about ‘the Jews’.

The Jewish temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., so without any records, no one can prove they are the lost twelve tribes of Israel. This is defined as the Diaspora. The modern Ashkenazi Jew has lineage that can be traced all the way back to their roots in the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. They are those who say they are Jews, but are not. Revelations 2:9. The Ashkenazi are not one of the lost twelve tribes of Israel.

The Diaspora happened. And as long as you do not have a lineage, chances are, especially if you’re not “Jewish”, you may well be more kin to the ‘chosen people’, because at least, you’re not one of these Ashkenazi pseudo Jews.

Every horrible troll to parade through history has been funded by these Ashkenazi Jews. Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Cheney, and Netanyahu. Man cannot hijack a promise of land by God. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegitimate (Balfour agreement).

Amazingly enough, using their control over all media, from Hollywood to the 6 O’clock News, millions of American Christians are convinced they need to support Zionism, because “Israel is God’s Chosen People”. Zionism is the power structure of the world. Zionism is not a religion. Zionism is a political ideology.

Zionism is man’s effort to hijack a promise of land by God. Period.

Zionism is a big fat lie, and we’re cheering for a rogue global nuclear superpower and their ‘Sampson Option’.


If we move Israel to the United States, and provide a homeland here in America for these modern Jews, world peace would ensue. Almost half of them are already here enjoying our freedom of religion. The many Jews in Los Angeles I’ve worked for seem pleasant enough. Perhaps it’s the nice weather here on the West Side. Everything is already clogged, what’s a few more million? Bring my people home!

We’ve had over a hundred years of that wicked eye on the dollar bill, and a hundred years of war. Like Ron Paul says, it’s no coincidence. It’s time to end the Fed.


9/11/2001 is the establishment lie or “false flag” that is the foundation for all our modern illicit war and tyranny at home.
The PTB used their Mossad/CIA agents and secret operatives in at least three nations, U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia, to pull off the attack on the United States September 11, 2001. The Jewish owned media is complicit. All journalist and television anchors adhere to this official narrative of a guru in a cave who got some hijackers to circumvent security by picking a day when Norrad was playing war games, and that the airplanes were the reason the buildings blew up (calling it a ‘collapse’).

“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

~ John Swinton (pre-eminent NY journalist 1880)



The sooner the world learns that everything that is printed or broadcast is based on falsehood and outright lies the better.

My suspicion isn’t just validated when I start researching something. It’s always worse than I thought. I started with one of the bigger lies, the skyscrapers ‘collapsed’ story.

Jim Kosior is a private citizen who filmed “Tuesday Morning in September” on his camcorder. I noted when you purchase a copy, he sends two. It’s the only private account of 9/11/2001 that I know of. It was filmed from New Jersey. I am pleased to report he now has it up on YouTube to watch it for free. Everyone needs to see what happened as it happened, because the official story on TV is a lie.

The Israeli Mossad did 9/11 according to Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Why would Israel attack us on 9/11?


Steel framed fireproof skyscrapers are built to withstand impacts from the largest airplanes.

The jet fuel was gone in seconds, we have video of it. As a matter of fact by reviewing video of the event, most of the jet fuel burned after the aircraft shredded itself on the steel. The momentum of the atomized fuel, burned up in the air, outside of the skyscraper. The ‘intense heat’ the establishment describes, was of insufficient duration, and in the wrong location, to be a factor in what is described in the NIST reports.

Black smoke means plenty of fuel and not enough air. Note the North Tower still puffing black smoke, indicating a low heat, oxygen starved office fire.

The jet fuel in the North Tower was long gone at this point as well, having been also only briefly exposed, to a similar gigantic brilliant ball of fire.

In the above video from Jim Kosior’s “Tuesday Morning in September”, he captures the aircraft hitting the South Tower on his camcorder. This private footage filmed from New Jersey, shows what happened to all the jet fuel.

Conjecture in the NIST reports, supposes much of the jet fuel was left over inside the building.

The demo appears as if the steel core of the skyscraper was suddenly ‘ionized’. The skyscraper core columns exploding into a gas, is one of the only reasonable explanations for what we have on video. The pyroclastic clouds roar out of the airplane holes, and the entire skyscraper erupts, and is obliterated in seconds.

Who has access to incendiary far more powerful and high tech than dynamite? The aftermath is telling, if you research accounts of ground zero, on 9/11/2001 Ground Zero was a smoking hole in the ground with few shards sticking above grade.

There was little left but dust and hot puddles of steel that stayed molten for weeks afterward.moltensteelenclose5mt

NIST does not consider any incendiary hotter than jet fuel.

NIST NCSTAR 1-5A, WTC Investigation
Here is an excerpt from the actual NIST report.



It’s my opinion that we are all infinite beings experiencing a temporary human condition, unable to use our expanded consciousness while in this Earthy veil of tears.

The universe according to the author Eben Alexander, M.D., who wrote “Proof of Heaven”; is awash in goodness.

Not surprising to me, this doctor who suffered a coma and a near death experience, admits that Earth is a special little rotten spot in the universe, where evil is allowed to triumph over good.

The most striking thing about this book he wrote, is how the doctor stressed that everything is as it should be, and not to worry. As Eben Alexander M.D., tries to bring back from ‘the other side’, his experiences, one can conclude that there is something more to it. Perhaps more than just evolution and dust to dust. It gives merit to the ‘eternal soul’ concept.

I beg pardon for paraphrasing and summarizing the author’s effort. He explains we all have a greater consciousnesses that is inhibited while we are here in human form, but mere images of God. It’s a pretty special book and I also beg pardon for taking things out of context like I just did.

“You are loved.” is the bottom line message. “You can do no wrong.”


The book raised a lot of questions in my ‘conscience’.

The doctor elaborates that consciousness cannot be explained by science.

I did not do the book “Proof of Heaven”, by Eben Alexander M.D. justice.

You should read it too!

It’s much more lively than “End the Fed” by Dr. Ron Paul, in which finding a dirty milk bottle was the most exciting thing. However I do believe “End the Fed” should be required reading in school. On the topic of required reading…

************** I have developed other opinions you should know about***********

“Evolution is the establishment’s religion to give people an excuse to dismiss a Creator.”
After all, religion is the opiate of the people. Marx and Lenin exploited this.


darwinDarwin was an establishment troll. He was groomed to be a Captain’s ‘dinner companion’, and placed aboard a ship.
No one is groomed to be a captain’s dinner companion and placed aboard a ship unless they are an establishment troll.
I’ve seen no evidence of evolution anywhere in the world.  I am well traveled enough to announce there is too much diversity and contrast in nature, for the theory to have merit.
Nowadays these “scientists” use a microscope to support the theory of missing links. The diverse beauty in nature, and the striking contrasts, destroys a world that should be a blur of similarity.
At the microscopic level however, eureka! The extinction rate of microbes is accelerating because of our poisoning of the planet!

But guess what. No matter how many times the microbe mutates, it’s still a microbe at the end of the day.

It will never grow legs.

Having to use a microscope to find a blurring of similarity to support the theory of evolution is their best stuff yet, but still pretty weak.microbe

Empirical evidence suggests intelligent design.

Thousands of species of unique distinctive characteristics. The blur of similarity I speak of is the missing links. There is no evidence of anything morphing. In between stuff doesn’t exist. We do not have any example of change showing a difference in one, more or less advanced, than another. If evolution had merit, it would be an ongoing process, and nature would be a blur of similarity.

The best you can do is cross a horse with a donkey and get a jackass.

I’ve been digging into dinosaurs. My conjecture is dinosaurs are an establishment hoax. All the bones in the museums are fake, after all.Kindom_zpsa6d24e8a The real ones are under lock and key. Only folks able to create an entire skeleton from a single bone chip are allowed in to see. The establishment uses our law enforcement in that regard if you study “Sue” the tyrannosaurus-rex found in South Dakota. Quite the fishy story. I intend to visit the La Brea tar pits to see what material is there. It’s too soon for me to make a call on the idea of it all being a hoax. So far I’ve seen enough to make me suspicious. For now I’ve been busy being horrified at things like this:

How about a little bit of that? Being suspicious is playing it safe!


The enemy is the establishment itself, with it’s wars and poisoning of nature.Fukushima

As a natural born citizen I have a right and a need to know the truth. I am very suspicious that we have been lied to, or not being told the whole story, about a great many things.

It’s starting to look like we’re being lied to about everything, especially anything big.


My research into Chemtrails yields it’s only defense so far as I can see is the old ‘dilution is the solution’ argument. The same ‘dilution is the solution’ argument is spewed by officials that advise us not to worry about the Fukushima disaster.

We have unexplained fish die offs and alarming defoliation of


What we see the establishment using to blame on climate change is more likely the Pacific is so hot the walrus is just taking a break from the radiation. No really. Prove their ‘scientist’ conjecture is more valid than my common sense.




A jet contrail that consists of water vapor that dissipates quickly is not what I’m seeing in the skies. When I was a kid all jet contrails disappeared quickly and the only ones that stuck around were from the skywriting above the County Fair.


My concern is that Chemtrails could be poisonous, cumulative, permanent, and irreversible.

So instead of talking about Chemtrails, we have a debate about global warming and climate change?




What about Fukushima? What is the counts per minute in your area? Back in 1986 we had honest investigative reporting about Chernobyl circumnavigating the globe.

There is an out of control nuclear disaster in Japan spewing radiation into the environment since March 2011. One meltdown after the other.


Above you can review a scientist Kevin Kamps, who reports that the types of radiation coming from Fukushima is so nasty, that just one speck of it lodged in our bodies can cause cancer. The bigger the dose the faster our demise. And FOX News is telling us it isn’t over yet: fukushima
Where are the Geiger counters? Where are the radiation monitoring stations? Is anyone on the California coast keeping tabs on what has to be rising levels given the unabated spewing for four years now from Fukushima?

How about the rising levels of radiation from Fukushima?Pacific

I wanted to do something!

So I thought…

Why not start at the top? 
Below are transcripts of my letters to the President.  You have to be a registered voter for a letter to count.

Link to my letters to the President and Obama’s reply

Let us build a paper trail and write the President. You can copy what I sent, if you prefer not to create your own “stop the wars” letter, but I recommend after a copy and paste, that you at least edit it to your liking, for the sake of originality.


If everyone stopped borrowing money it would be a revolution without firing a shot. Can we do it?

Do not click the ‘Donate’ button, save your money. I’m fine. It wouldn’t even be tax deductible. I can afford to host this page on my own, and I do so because my conscience compels me to weigh in.



If everyone stopped borrowing money it would be a revolution without firing a shot.


Bulldozing private property and putting the bloody soldier boots to the heads of children now orphaned, upset, and homeless, is what the illegitimate Israeli occupation of Palestine is all about. Missiles are fired at rock throwing babies. Review what Carter had to say again:

Reflect how the Jewish owned media dismisses former President Jimmy Carter for saying so! Who would have more inside knowledge? A former President of the United States? Or a talking head from the establishment?

The establishment loathes us all and wants to depopulate the planet. As opposed to “go forth and multiply”…

What we need is another establishment turncoat. I still pray that Obama will become an establishment turncoat, and live through it, to end the Fed, bring our troops home, and abolish the IRS. The government needs to be returned to the sovereign states.

Check out JFK’s speech to the press at the Waldorf/Astoria Hotel in N.Y. on April 27,1961:

click here to read a speech from President Kennedy

Secret societies, secret proceedings, and secret oaths, are the power behind the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that uses covert means to expand it’s sphere of influence by censoring the news.

The foreign policy of the United States of America is determined by the establishment or ‘powers that be’. Instead of we the people governing ourselves with our own self determination, we borrow money from the establishment’s bank. It makes us beholden.

Here is an accurate illustration of how we are really governed by the top down, establishment style, described well enough by Retired General Wesley Clark:

I met Dr. Ron Paul, May 1, 2012.
It was a fundraising event held at the Ayres Hotel, right off the 405 Rosecrans exit here in Los Angeles. It was a political awakening for myself.

I was a “low information”, rarely voting voter, who picked D instead of R.

I introduced myself to Ron Paul when we met: “Hi.” (shook his hand) “My name is David Lango. I have been a registered democrat my whole life, and I have never voted against my union paycheck. Ever.”

Ron Paul answered with “I don’t have anything against unions as long as that’s what everyone wants. I believe it is wrong to force a person to join a union against their will.”

So I started reading and reading and I am still reading!
Good grief, I’ve been supporting a socialistic ideology that is a prelude to Communism! And I admit! One size does not fit all!

I have reviewed much of Alex Jones’ material. I would like to point out that his wife is Jewish, and he doesn’t come right out and denounce Rothschild Zionism like David Icke does.

I review all this material, the stuff I like best is from Jesse Ventura, even though he is a self described atheist. I review all this with the skepticism needed to play it safe.

A better use of one’s research time can easily be found.

Much can be learned by reading books from Jewish authors like Jonathan Cahn, who wrote “The Mystery of the Shemitah”. Although this author will not speak out against Rothschild Zionism, the material he presents is very educational. I doubt any Jewish author would veer from the official 9/11 narrative.

Jews may well be waiting for the Messiah, but fear to speak out against the political ideology of Zionism. Or the Synagogue of Satan, would be more accurate. The Talmud is not the bible, folks. It’s a vile compilation of the scribes and pharisees reprimanded by Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus is Lord. If you’re still repeating the television mantra of “Israel is God’s chosen people” after giving consideration to the facts I’ve presented…

…the point is, not all Jews are “Zionists”, and certainly, not all Zionists are “Jews”…

Zionism ‘is’ the ‘New World Order’ being foisted by the PTB.
How about we the people governing ourselves?
We all should write to our locally elected Sheriffs in support of the Second Amendment.

The U.S. Constitution provides law enforcement to be of the people, and the people to vote for it’s style with a locally elected Sheriff.

People will stick up for their rights more readily if their Sheriff has their back, and vice versa. Sadly, Connecticut disbanded the Sheriff’s Department altogether, and doesn’t even have one. Delaware stripped the Sheriff of his ability to make an arrest!

Only a locally elected Sheriff has any merit to enforce the law. Cliven Bundy is right on this. A BLM agent should have no gun issued by the establishment to do their job. Cliven has no problem with them exercising their 2nd amendment right; he has a problem with them being armed by the establishment with any authority to enforce local law!

Sheriff Gillespie of Clark County Nevada simply stepped aside and allowed the Fed to send in men armed with government weapons. A Sheriff has the authority to send the Fed packing back to D.C. empty handed. Harry Reid gave the embarrassing Gillespie “Sheriff of the Year” award.

This is a public discussion that needs to be addressed. I insist that the ‘Federal Government’ should never be allowed to own or control any land at all. Land belongs to the sovereign States, not the Fed. The salt in the wound is property tax. States should never be allowed to levy ‘property tax’. Either we own property, or we ARE property, concerning sovereign States.

One of the best ways to help is to spread this link around and get it in front of our service members in the military and everyone in law enforcement, and anyone with a government job:


No man escapes when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails. And those who cried, “appease appease” are hung by those they tried to please.

If our representatives loathed to spend any of our money, it dollarwould grow in the United States Treasury. It would end the need for any credit from a bank, and our money would be worth more as time went by instead.



Netanyahu is the Rothschild puppet in charge of starting WWIII.

The average American walking the streets of the U.S., harbors little of the prejudice that we are portrayed as on television. It is the establishment itself whose hearts are filled with the hate they accuse us of.

We need to stand up to this illegitimate establishment, that would have us all unarmed in public. Obama’s dismissal of the Prime Minister of Israel’s visit was weak. I hope Obama becomes an establishment turncoat and spills the beans. Obama should have arrested Netanyahu for being complicit in the 9/11 attack as soon as he landed. Obama should have also arrested Boehner and the other Zionists in our Congress that invited this war criminal. Hillary should be hung for deleting her emails. Remember what our Vice President Joe Biden confessed: “I may not be Jewish, but I’m a Zionist!”, and even more famous: “…get a shotgun…”
That is all.

Practice makes perfect. Grow your own food. Keep your powder dry.

If our outgo exceeds our income, our upkeep will be our downfall.extending frameleftdachshund
ocean power invention

oxygen deprived environment makes wood gas that can be used for fuel

oxygen deprived environment makes wood gas that can be used for fuel



steam engines had rails for a heavy reason

steam engines had rails for a heavy reason




This is the latest build of my ride that I built from scratch back in the day from dirt when I was poor.

This is the latest build of my ride that I built from scratch back in the day from dirt when I was poor.




I have a lot of irons in the fire, and a ton of back burner ideas, and a healthy dose of ‘antiestablishmentarianism’.

Let me back up a step. Do you have water? Got a couple barrels of water in case water fails to come out the tap? Earthquake proof you and yours. Please. Stash some water.

I forget what it’s like to be new.


I just finished installing a hand pump on the well in case the electricity goes off.

Rig for the worst, hope for the best. That’s my motto.


So far so good. I like my quiet electric wire.

I do not want to go ‘off the grid’. I worked my whole life to make sure the grid is good.

That is all.

Love ya bye.


The internet is full of establishment trolls who defend the official lies. One particular Hasbara agent told me the firemen who described molten steel at ground zero didn’t know what they were looking at, that it was molten aluminum. I made this last video just for him:

PSS After all this effort I made to expose the 9/11 false flag attack, I found Dave Hooper did a much better job.