What is the truth about life and death?

August 19th, 2016

When I was younger, I avoided this discussion. As I got older, I realized that all my effort is just vanity. Everything is temporary.  All the wealth I acquire here and now, will not last. Our true treasure, is in heaven! Holy smokes! I’m understanding that being content with what we already have is not just ‘important’, but crucial. Not even the Egyptian pyramids are permanent…. close, but nothing in this universe will last forever. However… I would like to be able to machine large rocks flat like the ancients didnohuntingsign
Honored with special duties, and blessed with special experience;

I let my best friend paint this latest rebuild of my chopper. It is finished at last, after many changes. Note that long front end remained throughout the evolution. The metamorphosis was always about improving the back end.

For whatever reason, I walked away from a head-on collision July 28, 2001. It’s what happened to the ‘original frame’… suffice to say it’s a long story… the long front end hasn’t changed since 2002, after the first one folded to create the trebuchet that launched me into the wall of the tunnel, under the railroad in the Lewis Street tunnel in Pasco, Washington. I made many roadside repairs, and several changes to the back end. It’s on it’s second frame, third transmission, and fourth engine. For two years it was my only transportation, when I moved to Los Angeles. It’s been mostly a garage ornament ever since the last rebuild in 2013.



She’s a beautiful thing, and the motorcycle is too! ha ha…

My short quiet friend, wanted to paint something different than flames and skulls, so I allowed him to participate during the final build in 2013. It’s so stunning, the wife and I joke about being embarrassed to ride my own motorcycle!



I used to have a lot of bare metal showing. I always considered paint ‘overrated’. Paint is just the way, when you want to weld.  I went from floppy leather saddlebags, and a milk crate, to Bates fiberglass.
To… at last something I’m happy with, all the way around.

extending frame

A truck bed, with a trailer hitch, and giant 30 MM ammo boxes.

20140904_171717You can’t buy cool, you have to build it. I beg pardon of my pride.walletholster
It’s all vanity. Mom warned me not to be a show off. “David Joseph Lango! STOP SHOWING OFF!” Mom’s loving voice still rings in my ears.

I would like to find a good deal on a plasma cutter and also a Tungsten Inert Gas welding set up, that has the foot pedal, complete with a large bottle of inert gas, and easy to replace plasma rings.

Call me: 310 746 8292 <– that is my phone number. My handset is able to handle pictures and everything. Text me if you have a deal.

When I get around to building my gasification setup, the urge to boast and brag will present itself. Again. It always does.

I must be humble. But I will share pictures. Forgive me God, I am such a sinner!

selfieHaving worked hard, played hard, doing crazy things,

long ladder lango

and at times getting the best seat in the house…
space shuttle
…it was truly an honor. I was in a bucket truck with my boss at the time, making sure the Endeavor cleared under a wire.IMG_20121012_143232



*****************What a truck!************


Hi. I am David Joseph Lango, born July 2, 1958 in Buffalo, N.Y.


Life game.

So…. Why are we here? How did everything come to be? What is life all about?


Did everything happen accidentally? Gradual changes? Natural selection? Are creatures continually morphing into something more improved? Slowly becoming more complex? Are certain species in the process of growing legs or wings or fins?

Wouldn’t we have living breathing examples of these ‘in between specimens’? All throughout nature? Where are all the ‘tweeners’?


Let’s make a leap of faith, and say everything has been ‘evolving’ from a primordial goo of chemicals, rendered alive with a lightning bolt of magic. “Abiogenesis” is the original evolution of life; of living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances.

It takes as much blind faith to believe in Abiogenesis, as any other brand of faith, where ‘faith’ is just believing in things unseen!

If… Evolution had merit, nature would be a blur of similarity. Various rates of gradual change would be an ongoing process. The half monkey-men should not have all had to go ‘extinct’!

There should be more half monkey-men; than monkeys or men, by reason of mathematics!


Grade school level logic destroys Evolution! Proponents of the theory of missing links, insist that I must not understand how Evolution works; while I scoff and mock that they don’t understand the mechanics of this stupid idea!


The extinction rate of microbes is accelerating, because we’re poisoning the planet; but at the end of the day, the mutating microbe, is still a microbe. None of the microbes are going to grow legs. Or wings. Or fins. Ever.

The vast array of fossils they labeled ”transitional”, is a study in contrast and diversity!

We have no ‘tweeners’. Therefore Creatures do not ‘evolve’.

The Satanic freaks in charge of the Global hegemony however, championed Evolution. Evolution is a vehicle used to turn the face of man away from God. Their trolls taunt me with applying for my ‘Nobel Prize’; to “publish my paper”, that debunks this theory of missing links.

Here you go! You’re reading it. Hopefully you will shut it off when you need to.

Charles Darwin was an establishment troll, groomed to be a captain’s dinner companion, aboard the HMS Beagle. The “Origin of Species” is garbage. Moving on…




“One of the most astonishing finds was the Berezovka Mammoth discovered in 1901 next to the Berezovka River in northern Siberia. This perfectly preserved creature was found in the upright position with fresh grass and tropical plants still in it’s mouth. It had been frozen and entombed in tons of ice so quickly that it didn’t have time to swallow and it’s mouth was full of tropical plants and grasses. The weight of the ice was so great that it’s pelvis and legs were crushed while it was still alive! Scientists believe that the preserved food in it’s stomach is proof that the temperature plummeted to at least -175F in a moment of time. It was frozen in the eating position . . . not in panic or a running position.

wooly mammoth

Nearby were an assortment of other animals . . . JUNGLE and TROPICAL animals including rhinoceroses, tigers and lions! Warble fly larvae were found in the stomach and intestines of the mammoth and these insects grow only in extremely warm climates. You can see the Berezovka Mammoth on display at the Zoological Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. Of special interest was a 90 foot fruit tree also found nearby – proof that the vast northern region of our planet was once a tropical paradise.”

all stop! 

Why are these bad guesses even published? How about an angry Creator suddenly tilting the axis of Earth?

How else are we going to suddenly kill such a large grazing animal?

Oceans sloshing over land, like extremely fast giant tidal waves, could break that huge posterior! It’s why it had tropical grass still in it’s mouth, it didn’t have time to finish chewing, not even spitting it out; just a grit your teeth type of sudden death!



Note how all published material avoids discussing Noah’s Flood? Or at best, treats it as a fable or myth?

Link to a collection of Flood stories

Broken pelvis and hind legs? Tropical plants still in it’s mouth? Didn’t even hear it coming? The woolly mammoth had it’s back to it? Oblivious of Noah’s Flood? Was the huge wall of water moving as fast as the speed of sound? 768 M.P.H.? Killing and then washing the broken fanny across the globe? From the tropics clear up to the arctic? The Sun has a different path across the sky after the flood?

Genesis 6

The establishment controls the conversation. Freemasons have been rewriting history for centuries. They use lies to start wars. False flags they are called, like Operation Northwoods. Freemasons hate the Jews the most, for keeping the Scripture safe for thousands of years. How about a little bit of that?

How about we scientifically hypothesize Creation as being the truth of how everything came to be?

Elevating our conjecture to satisfy facts described in ancient writings, may help us make better guesses. I insist that there is a vast spirit world that surrounds our temporary 3 dimensional existence. Let’s go with this.

To dismiss the existence of dimensions that are intangible to us, is very narrow-minded thinking, after all!


The establishment has burned books on this subject, there’s evidence of it that you can look up yourself.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is still noted historically for his work in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. However, Dr. Reich’s work in biophysics has been stricken from the historical record.


In the mid 1930’s Dr. Reich began noticing an energetic connection that is shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich called this energy “orgone” and worked for decades demonstrating its laws and studying its various manifestations. His work encompassed 40 years within six countries but in the end he suffered the indignity of seeing his life’s work banned in America and tons of his books and journals burned by the U.S. food and Drug Administration per bureaucratic decree. It was a brazen act of censorship that is overlooked today within the texts of history.


“Orgone energy” is simply spirit, in my opinion, after reading all I could find about this ‘banned subject’, it’s evidence of a dimension we cannot see, or hold in our hands. Spirit is intangible to us.


Finding a woolly mammoth frozen in Siberia with tropical grass in it’s gritted teeth / busted butt posture, satisfies the doubting Thomas in me. Evidence of such destruction does more to vet Noah’s Flood, than what Geologist think was caused by Ice Ages.

I beg pardon for having to dig through a UFO site to present evidence of technology so advanced, we cannot match it even today!

I do not think UFO’s are scriptural. Beings from dimensions that are intangible to our 5 basic senses is where all technology comes in the first place. This satisfies what we find in the Books of Enoch.

The Ethiopic Book of Enoch states:

“8:1 And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields and breastplates. And he showed them the things after these and the art of making them: bracelets, and ornaments, and the art of making up eyes and of beautifying the eyelids, and the most precious and choice stones, and all (kinds of) coloured dyes. And the world was changed.”

That provides additional detail to what we saw in Genesis chapter 6.


Let us consider some more even older extraordinary reports from ancient times. The Sumerian tablets indicate records of (in my opinion) Brass mixing with Clay. Disobedient Sons of God altering God’s creation. Incarnating themselves into flesh and blood, leaving their former estates.


The children of Israel repeatedly went whoring after strange gods (very real powers in the spirit world in dimensions we can’t see). Evidence of polytheism is plentiful, and it provides the context of where Greek mythology comes from.

So Noah must have built that Ark fairly near to the Egyptian pyramids to be a witness or a ‘warner’ to those ancient people and Elohim altered giants and men of reknown.

God surely had a sweet spot in the palm of His hand, to tilt Earth and destroy everything but the Pyramids and the Ark, right?

My conjecture has the Pyramids being built long before the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt. The technology for making stone boxes was lost in the Flood! The Jews weren’t machining rock, they were making bricks out of mud and straw!

I think the Pyramids in Egypt were built sometime between Genesis chapter 1 verse 27…

when pyramids

…and the debut of Adam in the second chapter!

I have Jewish friends who like keeping things ‘Scriptural’, and they really would like the children of Israel to have such a credit to their heritage; but there is no mention of when the Pyramids were built. It’s not mentioned in the Bible or in the Qur’an or in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I have Muslim friends that agree with the idea that the pyramids are very old, much older than 5000 years old thought by my Jewish friends. Admittedly, even if the Pyramids are 50,000 years old, it doesn’t make any difference how we get up tomorrow morning.


So what religion are you? When I was a young father, I did not want to teach my kids wrong, so I kept it as short and as simple as I could. I taught my kids:

“God made the world and you’re supposed to be good.”

Now that I’m much older, and much more well read, I believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, is our path to Salvation.

The Sumerian tablets predate the Bible. Enki admitted he had a Creator; and himself also claimed to manipulate DNA Code in our flesh and blood dimension. I believe the Enki stories are records of, or writings from, one of the disobedient Sons of God.

spirits in prison

Christians also acknowledged antediluvian ‘bad guys’.

Which account is correct, one might ask? The Holy Bible? The Holy Qur’an? The Watchers from Enoch?

Shall we exclude any of them?

God forbids mysticism, it breaks the 1st Commandment. The Dead Sea Scrolls were authored by Jews immersed in mysticism, indulging in the Jewish Kabbalah. Obviously there are writings from the ‘dark side’ if you will. Everything that managed to survive the ages is worth a look at, as I develop my opinion!


The mechanics of Creation described in the Gospel of Judas Iscariot are very different, which includes Sons of God with the ability to create, endowed to them, by the One True God, who always was.

Jews emerged from ancient history with monotheism. Their monotheism acknowledges polytheism, the founder, Abraham grew up around many gods. Muslims and Jews alike, claim their heritage from this friend of God who destroyed his dad’s idols.


It’s all about there being only One True God, the only One without a beginning, or a starting point. Jesus was Jewish. Jesus kept Passover, not Easter. There is only One God, who made all the others! Jesus is not God, he has a starting point. God is the only One with no ‘birthday’, the Creator of all things; good and evil, Who always was, and Who always will be. Jesus got his start as flesh and blood, just like you and I. Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected and ascended to heaven. He’s gone to prepare a place for us.

begotten son

I’m not going to allow any of the discrepancies to shake my faith. It’s obvious to me, dad, and my brother, that the Gospel according to John was written, and then a wordsmith adjusted the original text later, to provide the context for the Trinity Doctrine.

As surely as a Jew will want to ask the Messiah when Jesus shows up: “Is this your first trip here? Or your second?”

I will want to ask questions too!

Did God make lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, and marsupials after the flood? Is the woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tiger alterations of God’s creation? We have reports that suggest just such a thing in Enoch!

The Bible is very brief on it’s accounts of events, and omits superfluous news, obviously building the pyramids didn’t even rate.

There seems to be discrepancy between the Bible and the Qur’an, about the only begotten Son of God; check verse 2.


So we have the acknowledgement of Jesus being the son of Mary, instead of Jesus son of Joseph. That’s like admitting the Virgin Birth. But the effort to remove the Messiah from being our Salvation is obvious.



The Trinity Doctrine is polytheistic in nature, and Michael Servetus knew that, and was burned at the stake, for speaking out against it.

burning at the stake

I want to behave like a Jew, with the faith of a Christian, and the devotion of a Muslim. I believe in a Hereafter, not reincarnation.

Our consciousness is evidence of a soul. Knowing right from wrong sets us apart from the animal kingdom.

Though you can’t see your Soul, or hold it in your hands, God still created it, and gave it to you. Your Soul is made of spirit.

Keep it safe by always choosing right instead of wrong!

Ecclesiastes 12:7 “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

The ‘Holy’ Qur’an said God has no begotten Son!?! It does have some nice things to say:


My brother and my Dad and I, have decided the reason the Qur’an repeats over and over, about there being only one true God; is because the biggest news of the day was Christianity. Jesus dying for our sins and getting resurrected and ascending to heaven is impossible to compete with!


Consider those foul spirits bothering Mohammed for 23 years…

There would have to be a measure of truth in the message, in order to ‘sell it’. The emerging Trinity doctrine at that time, was something that could be exploited to dismiss Christianity. The author(s) of the Qur’an, however, surely doth protest too much! The constant “Only One God” theme blows it’s own cover.

Noah in the Qur'an

Noah is discussed? But our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God, is only one of the prophets?? The author of the ‘Holy’ Qur’an ignores the Messiah!?! Denying Christ is like committing spiritual suicide!

Therefore the ‘Holy’ Qur’an is garbage. Moving on.

“I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods beside Me.”



The symbolism of that Freemason Illuminati eye of Satan, depicted at the top of an Egyptian Pyramid, is not just random artistic decoration. If our entire existence, and our definition of ‘well-being’, is all about acquiring wealth, then we have the wrong master.


Slavery is very Biblical. If you don’t like the way that sounds, this is a good time to shut off this page. I hereby present a chance to continue to enjoy blissful ignorance. Reading the rest of this presentation is liable to make you angry.






We are all slaves.







Being a slave means that we are the property of our owner.  We are the property of God who made us. He gives us our choice, to choose who our master is, this is the freewill He gives us.

I am not a flag waving patriot of the United States of America; rather I am a slave to God, held against my will. I am forced to toil for dollars illustrated with an Egyptian pyramid, licensed, registered, taxed, and taxed again with the burden of badges!

I am like a Jew in Egypt! Welcome to ‘Modern Egypt’, my fellow Americans!

We started getting treated like criminals at the airport over a huge pile of lies purported by manipulating television.





Last chance to shut off the page…









…aw! too late!…


Jet engines spin at 30,000 R.P.M. which swirls the air. Had there been a real jet in that airspace, the gigantic fireballs would exhibit signs of such turbulence.

jet fuel

The Satanic freaks in charge of this global hegemony have Americans believing this missile strike was an airplane hijacked by Muslims:


A large aircraft cannot hit that close to the ground without gouging up some of that nice grass. It doesn’t ‘fit’.

Dimitri Khalezov wrote “911thology“. It’s all there, it’s the most horrible 1096 pages I ever read. He says the WTC and other steel skyscrapers have a built-in thermonuclear demolition scheme engineered to satisfy Building Code, and even describes the treaty between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. governing the size of a nuke allowed to be detonated during peace time.

Freemason agents:


Michael Harrari



Donald Rumsfeld

Dimitri Khalezov fingers these two men as the first certain, the second almost certain perpetrators of the attack on America 9/11/2001.

The Russian author names names and tells all. Here is more from his book 911thology.

Skyscrapers cannot collapse.construction
Not one scrap of aluminum crumples against that steel skyscraper, to slide down the outside. The Russian insists it was a computer generated image inserted into live broadcast!

You know the Satanic freaks would push PLAY over and over again, if that missile really was video of an airplane. They removed all video of the Pentagon from public view. The FBI even confiscated security camera footage from all establishments surrounding the Pentagon!

According to the Russian author, Freemason agents had tricked our government into using the built-in thermonuclear demolition scheme. This admittedly is a lot of steel turning into dust:


It’s a psychological problem too, the truth is too horrible, so we cling to the lies told to us instead.

A crushing blast wave at the speed of light, came from an underground detonation. The entire steel skyscraper turned to dust in an instant.

Unlike for Building 7 later that horrible day, the charges weren’t strong enough to reach the top of the twin towers. It turned steel and everything into powder up to a point. Suddenly. Now the undamaged top plows straight down, pushing dust out of the way!

Watch. It’s totally what is happening! Horrible. And we’re being lied to about it. The fires stayed under Ground Zero for a long time, because nukes don’t just cool down very fast.


They were pulling out molten steel months later!

Honest investigative journalism was supposed to be like the Fourth Branch, keeping our ‘government’ honest.

There was no honest investigative journalism,

at Ground Zero.

None. Just outlaws sneaking a pic here and there!

no cameras


We… do have some pictures, not many, but some, thanks to ‘rule-breakers!’. I’ll let you find those for yourself in the ‘e-book’ from the Russian author. I’m not selling his books for him, it’s the most horrible thing I ever read. Yes I did end up sending him ‘some’ money, as I am honest, and the man did research everything so thoroughly, and asked that we pay for the book on the ‘honor system’.



The above is a misleading collection of pseudoscience. The liars want us to pretend that the skyscrapers had no perimeter steel. The articles suggest that the skyscrapers were not constructed like gigantic steel cages!

What else are we being lied to about? Everything, sad to say, especially if it’s big and important!


What other big things are we being lied to about?


Some things are able to be looked up, like REX 84 Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot, but not putting things like this in the news when they happen is the same thing as lying.

It calls into question, what should have been questioned, right from the start!

Remember. All this we experience here is only temporary. Our real treasure is in heaven. Believe in God, believe in the Hereafter, and always choose right over wrong. And believing Jesus replaced animal sacrifices and that skin color no longer matters, is what life and death is all about.

In conclusion….


Thank you for a place to make a stand ~ our real treasure is in heaven!

I am a BELIEVER. That makes me a good ‘Muslim’. God made the world and you’re supposed to be good! Jesus is not God; but HE replaced animal sacrifices to be the ATONEMENT OF SIN FOR ALL HUMANITY (not just for the Jews!). Skin color no longer matters! That makes me a Christian! Jesus was born flesh and blood just like you and I (only his dad wasn’t human!). Jesus? Jesus Christ died for the sins of all races and colors; and was resurrected and ascended to heaven to meet His Father, to prepare a place for us!  ‘BELIEVING THAT’  …MAKES ME A “GOOD” JEW… AFTER ALL, JESUS WAS JEWISH! NOT GOD! JESUS IS THE ONLY ‘BEGOTTEN’ SON OF GOD! Understanding that there are many Sons of God, over legions of angels, ministering to His Creation, makes me a good scientist! So is believing in a “Hereafter”! Reincarnation is a pile of lies from idolatrous polytheists, misled by the Devil Himself!