What is the truth about life and death?

February 19th, 2016

Honored with special duties, and blessed with special experience;

I let my best friend paint this latest rebuild of my chopper. It is finished at last, after many changes. Note that long front end remained throughout the evolution. The metamorphosis was always about improving the back end.

I let my best friend paint this latest rebuild of my chopper. It is finished at last, after many changes. Note that long front end remained, throughout the evolution. The metamorphosis was always about improving the back end.




Floppy leather saddlebags and a milk crate got upgraded to Bates fiberglass…
To at last something I’m happy with all the way around. A truck bed with a trailer hitch and giant ammo boxes.
You can’t buy cool, you have to build it. I beg pardon of my pride.
It’s all vanity.

selfieHaving worked hard, played hard, doing crazy things,

long ladder lango

and at times getting the best seat in the house…
space shuttle
…it was truly an honor. I was in a bucket truck with my boss at the time:

Be nice to those younger fellows, you may end up working for them someday!



*****************What a truck!************


Hi. I am David Joseph Lango, born July 2, 1958 in Buffalo, N.Y.


Why are we here? How did everything come to be? What is life all about?

If everything came to be, because of ‘gradual changes’? “Natural selection”? Creatures continually morphing into something more improved? Slowly becoming more complex? Growing legs or wings? Wouldn’t we have living breathing examples of these ‘in between specimens’? All throughout nature?

Let’s make a leap of faith, and say everything has been ‘evolving’ from a primordial goo of chemicals, rendered alive with a lightning bolt of magic.


If Evolution had merit, nature would be a blur of similarity. Various rates of gradual change would be an ongoing process. The half monkey-men should not have all gone extinct.

There should be more half monkey-men than monkeys or men, by reason of mathematics!



The extinction rate of microbes is accelerating, because we’re poisoning the planet; but at the end of the day, the mutating microbe is still a microbe. None of the microbes are going to grow legs. Or wings. Ever.

Paleontologists that were caught putting feathers on dinosaurs, are fake scientists, creating phony ‘evidence’. The Smithsonian has been purchasing, confiscating, and removing from public view, everything that would ruin the official narrative of evolution.


Charles Darwin was an establishment troll groomed to be a captain’s dinner companion aboard the HMS Beagle. Evolution was championed by the ‘powers that be’, to provide man with an excuse to dismiss the Creator.



Why is nature full of contrast and diversity? When we use ‘science’ to dismiss Creation, our efforts acquire an agenda. Harboring an agenda, destroys the objectivity science is supposed to keep, by definition. Adhering to facts that support, and eschewing evidence that detracts, is not science at all.




A “neutrino (/nuːˈtriːnoʊ/ or /njuːˈtriːnoʊ/) (denoted by the Greek letter ν) is a lepton, an elementary particle with half-integer spin, that interacts only via the weak subatomic force and gravity. The mass of the neutrino is tiny compared to other subatomic particles.”

Let’s have a look at this word salad.

Apparently, the proton, neutron, and electron, were previously thought to have been the indivisible components of an atom. Atoms are the basis for all matter.

Turns out a proton is made up of two quarks. Quarks are comprised of strings. Strings exist in ten dimensional spatial form, indicating that there is an entire world of stuff out there, that is completely intangible to our five senses in the dimension we exist!

oxygen deprived environment makes wood gas that can be used for fuel

I built a retort. Smoke from an oxygen deprived environment, makes wood gas, that can be used for fuel. I didn’t think smoke would burn, so I had to prove it.

I must mention the God particle here, as Stephen Hawking lost his bet over that, and perhaps you’ll use the amazing Google to search it out!


At this point I’d like to challenge Albert Einstein, who failed to question the ‘speed of light’.

What if ‘light’ is infinite and instantaneous? I have a hunch it is, perhaps it’s the water I drink. So I investigated.

What is this ambiguous “photon”? How does this “photon” fit in with the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum? Measuring the speed of light, might only be calculating the time it takes for light to illuminate atmosphere!

There are people who insist that “Voyager” proves that light has speed. What if light is what drives the electromagnetic spectrum? Instead of limiting light to the confines of a radio wave?


I’m not convinced by any method involving the illuminating of mirrors or lighting up atmosphere, to measure the speed of light.

I insist the speed of light, is not firmly established, with any verifiable measurement, and doesn’t convince me with any satisfaction.

It is my opinion, that it’s long overdue, to measure the speed of light in the vacuum of space.

Using a laser from the Earth’s surface to shine upon the moon, forces a coefficient of time into the equation that shouldn’t be there.

All of the nitrogen atoms, outnumbering the oxygen atoms 5 to 1, are shading the atoms behind, from the source of light.

Adding obstacles like a mirror that needs to be illuminated so it can reflect light, adds a coefficient of time.

What if light is instantaneous and infinite? What if when a star is born, no matter how far away it is, we see it right away without delay?

The Earth is not flat, I am not ‘one of those’…

This modern fad, that has returned to believing the Earth is flat (!) deserves an honorable mention, just for claiming to be “Biblical”.


Instruct the “flat earther” to go outside on a clear day when the Moon is also visible during the daylight. Examine the curvature of its illumination. Ask why it doesn’t exactly point at the Sun.

It appears to not line up because the Sun and Moon are not equidistant from Earth. This naturally occurring optical illusion exists, because the Sun really is 93 million miles away! This is how Copernicus figured it out. 500 years ago, he guessed the Sun was about 3 million miles away.

However, I am skeptical of NASA, thanks to the hard work of Bart Sibrel. He presents convincing evidence that Apollo 11 never left Earth’s orbit. This casts doubt on the subsequent moon landing missions.

The only way ‘science’ is going to convince me that light has a “speed”, is by proving my hunch is wrong.

I’ve given some thought on how to do that.

Is there a possibility that an exo-atmospheric nuclear detonation could illuminate the moon? Bright enough for all to witness the blink from the ball of plasma? Set it off a few hundred miles above Antarctica, on a night when the moon is but a sliver of a crescent?

That should do it. Will there be a 0.8 second delay between the flash on our horizon, and the illumination of the moon? Or will it verify my hunch? I say the illumination of the moon will appear simultaneous with the flash on the horizon!

Can you think of a better way to measure the speed of light? It’s important to conduct the test in the vacuum of space, in my opinion.


Michelson used a vacuum tube that was a mile long in California in 1935, that used a half dozen mirrors. This to me is the same thing as measuring the amount of time it takes light to illuminate, and then bounce off of the shiny surface. How tight was the vacuum? Was it really completely void of atmosphere?


I remain skeptical. Neil DeGrasse Tyson insists that we’re looking back in time by using a telescope to peer at the stars.

Shouldn’t we be absolutely sure we’re not just measuring the time it takes to illuminate the nitrogen and oxygen in our atmosphere? I’m serious! What if light is infinite and instantaneous? So far we’re trusting Ole Roemer (1644-1710), whose work was destroyed in a fire (all but a few pages that shows he was “diligent” measuring Io, Jupiter’s moon). Isn’t there anyone beside myself skeptical? Not one astronomer since has confirmed his work?


This is a far more important endeavor to explore, than LIGO. The Laser Interferrometer Gravity Wave Observatory is comprised of two installations 1900 miles apart. It was built just to try proving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Years ago, I reported for duty as a lineman to the Department of Energy nuclear site called Hanford. Empowered with curiosity, a badge, and a Security Clearance from the U.S. Gov’t, I paid a visit to LIGO, located in the desert, East of the mountains, in Washington State.

I had to call an all stop, when the scientist in the lab coat requested I put on paper boots over my footwear to enter the clean room. After our language barrier was resolved, we had a good chuckle over the difference between a lineman, and “laser alignment”. He told me the entire boondoggle should have been just one facility in space, instead of the twin facilities on Earth.

The LIGO equipment is able to detect the tide coming in on the shores of Washington State, 200 miles away, past Seattle! This equipment is so sensitive, they made a project out of filling cracks in the asphalt of Highway 240 nearby. He listed other desperate attempts to help filter out ‘local noise’. According to him it would be impossible to filter out all the local noise, in order to “listen” for a “gravity wave”! (I gathered the “observatory” was a failure by design)

I beg pardon for not remembering the name of the scientist I talked to. He had a thick accent and the only thing I remember about his name, is that it would be difficult for me to pronounce.

The premise of LIGO is, if both facilities record an identical event simultaneously, that would possibly indicate an extraterrestrial event.


Graviton waves would help prove Einstein’s theory of relativity.
E = mc 2

Where C is the speed of light, and if C is infinite, the ‘theory’ would mean nothing! Infinity times infinity? ∞ x ∞ = ? It’s like the opposite error of trying to divide by zero, ha!

It’s just a hunch I have, that C=∞, that is all.

In case I’m wrong, we still have LIGO. After years of finding NOTHING, September 14, 2015 LIGO announces a gravitational wave!

Does this one small coincidence represent an extraterrestrial event? I’m skeptical.





Having used dynamite, primer cord, and electric blasting caps; being well versed in construction, strength of materials, weights and measures… I will now present my skepticism on yet another topic! (It appears to me we’re being lied to about everything, especially the big important stuff!)

constructionNot one scrap of aluminum crumpled against that steel? To slide down the outside?


Make that eight: REX 84 with subparts Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot:

Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government.

FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.

The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners.

So there’s more than 7. Sorry about that.


Washington State Department of Labor and Industries issued me a Users License to set power poles in solid rock. I’ve blown up stuff. It’s a blast.

In all my years, I have yet to see steel turn into dust. The only place I know of, where you can view such an amazing thing, is to look up 911 newsreel footage on YouTube. Below Dimitri Khalezov took the time to still frame such video, of steel turning into dust.


Skyscrapers cannot ‘collapse’. Steel doesn’t turn into dust without using nuclear physics, or technology that has yet to be revealed.

Remember. There were no Muslims on board the missile that hit the Pentagon.



Below is the young lady who was unaware of the “intense heat” described in the NIST report:


no cameras
Ground Zero had NO independent journalism reporting at the scene.
The fireballs would exhibit turbulence had a real jet been in that airspace, as the engines spin at 30,000 rpm and swirls the air.
jet fuel
The skyscraper, made largely of steel, appears to turn into dust. I’ve considered how Dimitri Khalezov says the underground nuclear charge wasn’t strong enough to reach the top, like Building 7, and the undamaged tops of the twins plowed straight down through microscopic fluffy dust. It make sense because they fell at the acceleration of gravity. Gone in ten seconds. Straight down through itself as if all the steel were gone and it was the path of least resistance!

The core of a steel skyscraper is not the path of least resistance.

Yet the skyscraper dropped as though the middle of it’s steel core had been turned suddenly into nothing more than gypsum board!

Sadly, Americans are gullible, dumbed down, and we allow television to shape our worldview. The attack on America September 11, 2001 is a wicked pile of lies upon which all of our illicit foreign wars are based, and is the foundation of all our modern tyranny at home.

For those of you who refuse to question the establishment, or question what you see on television, you can always find contrived crap….




….to help keep you brainwashed! If you ask me why they work so hard at deception? I have an answer, a pretty good guess, and you may not like it! But allow me to finish plowing through this horrible episode…

Not one scrap of airplane aluminum crumpled against that steel? Nothing slid down the outside of the skyscraper? They settled for “crowd coaches” in the street instead?

Sadly, there are those who would like to also ‘be a good witness’, and the psyop worked. The creeps in charge of television and magazines like the Popular Mechanics issue pictured above, are obviously complicit.

There is a lot of material on YouTube that objectively explores 911, like that video from the Fox News helicopter and the strange ball. Okay I’m done, and digress on that.


Note that Egyptian pyramid illustrated on the U.S. one dollar bill, how it has the Freemason Illuminati eye of Satan depicted at the top. Allow me to contrast that pyramid with the 1st Commandment spelled out in the Book of Exodus chapter twenty where it states: “I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

What do you think of Modern Egypt now, fellow slave?

Here’s where I get ‘religious’.

Believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God, keep the Ten Commandments, and love one another.


I have a fear of Almighty God, the Creator of all things, good and evil, who always was, and always will be.

The Ancient of Days has no beginning, not even His begotten Son shares this unique attribute.


Jesus got His start as flesh and blood, just like you and I. He died for our sins, replacing animal sacrifices, was resurrected and ascended to heaven to meet His Father, and prepare a place for us.

It appears to me, that God is making a family!

Ancient history starts with the Sumerian tablets. People in ancient times were largely illiterate, and we’re fortunate to have anything at all, to read from ages ago. Then there were the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

We have “The Watchers”, from the Books of Enoch explaining how the disobedient spirit world, that was supposed to leave us alone, incurred the wrath of God. The Sons of God were to leave mankind alone. It is written that they took human form personally, and took the daughters of the sons of men to wife, and begat giants.

In my opinion, consciousness is proof of a spirit world, that I believe is vast. Our temporary 3 dimensional existence, is merely a reflection, of the permanent dimensions, that are intangible to our five senses.

So it appears the wicked segment of the spirit world instructed the flesh and blood descendents of Adam how to mine ore, smith metal, and build weapons, and so on, right down to makeup for women.

I suspect this has continued throughout the ages until the present, in one form or another. I suspect it’s where “inspiration” to ‘invent’ things like the atomic bomb come from. Perhaps Edward Leedskalnin had fallen angel DNA?!?


During the time of Jesus of Nazareth, and the Roman occupation of Jerusalem, Jews believed the spirit world greatly influenced our 3 dimensional existence. (I believe it still is) It was a common ‘magic trick’ to “cast out a devil”, so a person could be healed. This was a well paying profession, but Jesus was the first one in recorded history, to do these ‘magic tricks’ (miracles) for free.

interesting (“The Zealot”, by Reza Aslan)

The Jews are the people who emerged from history with this religion of “one God”. Jews are unique in what appears to be a world full of many gods, or polytheism. Makes you think doesn’t it? Even the trinity godhead seems polytheistic!

The first Christians argued about literally everything, up to and including whether or not there was only one God.

There are discrepancies in the Bible.
I marvel at what was left in, and what was left out, but as mentioned, I feel we are fortunate to have anything at all put in writing. Aramaic oral stories of Christ, were finally put into Greek manuscripts starting with the Gospel of Mark. Historians figure the anonymous author of Mark, put the first Gospel in writing about twenty years or more, after the Son of God rose from the dead, and ascended to His Father in heaven.

The preponderance of evidence supports intelligent design over the theory of missing links. If there was no God it would be necessary to invent one. I suspect that inventing anything doesn’t happen without influence from the spirit world, therefore the Bible is truth. And this world is only a reflection of the spirit world, and some called spirit by many names:


Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is still noted historically for his work in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. However, Dr. Reich’s work in biophysics has been stricken from the historical record.

In the mid 1930s Dr. Reich began noticing an energetic connection that is shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich called this energy “orgone” and worked for decades demonstrating its laws and studying its various manifestations. His work encompassed 40 years within six countries but in the end he suffered the indignity of seeing his life’s work banned in America and tons of his books and journals burned by the U.S. food and Drug Administration per bureaucratic decree. It was a brazen act of censorship that is overlooked today within the texts of history.

Orgone energy is simply spirit, in my opinion, after reading all I could find about this ‘banned subject’. There’s good spirit and there’s bad spirit. Right now we’re watching the bad rise to the top.




Ancient writings indicate that the spirit world is VAST.

That’s all the ‘dragon’ stuff is, evidence of what was described as disobedient Sons of God, who are forbidden by the Creator to meddle with our three dimensional temporary reflection, of what the spirit world is all about.

The flesh and blood descendants of Adam, were likewise instructed to avoid strange gods, and forbidden to seek them out.

The Sumerian tablets, the Watchers from Enoch, the Gospel of Judas Iscariot, and other old material, that was not included in the Bible; all collaborate to identify what we ‘do’ find in the Bible!

Never mind the discrepancies, be glad we have anything at all of record, from ancient times!


Satan and his fallen angels were cast out of heaven, and are busy stealing the souls of the sons of men, before getting locked up in hell. That’s what all the war, disease, starvation, and poverty is all about. We do not battle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of darkness.

The ancients used water as a metaphor for spirit. We cannot stop the flow of conscious thought from running like a river through our minds. The false gods, that the children of Israel went whoring after repeatedly, are foul spirits, with very real power, in dimensions that are intangible to us and our five senses.

The Ten Commandments were listed in order of priority, and they are a spiritual guide to make sure we drink of living waters, and not that from foul spirits.

“I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

The nine that follow are all we need, to enjoy life properly.

I believe God made a Jewish virgin pregnant. I believe that His begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, got his start as flesh and blood, just like you and I. Jesus said no one can come to my Father except through me.


We can change the channel by abiding the Law of Moses. By loving our neighbor. By working, helping, doing what’s right, and being honest.

For an example, instead of staring at a scantily clad young lady, I avert my eyes. It helps clean up the black water of that river running through my mind. Mississippi Moon won’t be shining on me!

Something important to think about, and important to consider once every week, in order to stay tuned to the right station? Keep the Sabbath. It’s a sign between God and His people. Salvation has come to the Gentiles, so we all can ‘be His people’.

Consciously assert your spiritual allegiance is to the One True God, Creator of all things, good and evil, Who always was, and Who always will be.

In conclusion to summarize this discussion of life and death…

I want to behave like a Jew, with the faith of a Christian, and the devotion of a Muslim. God have mercy on me, as I pray for wisdom and guidance, in Jesus’ name, amen.