09/11/2001 wake up call.

May 29th, 2012


NIST does not consider any explosives/incendiary;
nothing more powerful/hotter than jet fuel.

NIST NCSTAR 1-5A, WTC Investigation
Here is an excerpt from the actual NIST report.




Someone blew up 3 N.Y. skyscrapers, shot a missile at the Pentagon, and off to war we went! On the premise of a bogus “Islamic Jihad”, we invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the impudence of imperialism is now stirring up trouble with Russia in the Ukraine.




These are still frames from CBS News footage: 20140904_171717

Conventional explosives do not leave craters. Conventional explosives cannot create an EMP. The 1st mini nuke detonated in the U.S.A., was the WTC ‘truck bomb’, February 26, 1993. There was an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out power, communications, and disabled vehicles. People were stuck in dark elevators.

Conventional explosives never emit penetrating ionizing radiation. Dynamite cannot create a destructive air blast wave, nor does it get hot enough to produce searing thermal energy, that burns 45% of a body, or blackens the paint except what’s shaded from the blast.

A truck load of fertilizer that Timothy McVeigh drove into the Federal Building in Oklahoma April 19, 1995; cannot do much more than flatten the truck against the pavement. Conventional explosives do not make craters. Dynamite cannot emit destructive blast waves at the speed of light, crushing everything into pieces no larger than 5 microns.



According to Dimitri Khalezov, planet Earth has been mini-nuked many times, all over the world; Bali, Indonesia, throughout Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and many other places, ever since the twin bombings in Beirut, Lebanon October 23, 1983. Dimitri writes that this 1983 barracks bombing, was the first ever recorded use of the new “suit case nukes”. Only a handful of countries like Israel, U.S., and Russia are able to make these precision “mini-nukes”. Dimitri remarks there’s been so many suit case nuke detonations, he’s lost track of counting!

(the most recent at the time of this writing was the brilliant ball of plasma and the mushroom cloud recorded on iPhones from China August 12, 2015 in Tianjin. I saw footage in social media, a place called “Google+”. Power and communications were knocked out from the EMP)

Dimitri Khalezov’s job as a commissioned officer in the secret 12th Chief Directorate, was to detect, measure, and report, all nuclear detonations found anywhere in the world, for the U.S.S.R.

Dimitri Khalezov was made aware of the built in thermonuclear demolition scheme, engineered by Controlled Demolition Inc., during his service as a nuclear engineer and commissioned officer, for the U.S.S.R. agency responsible for the safekeeping of nuclear weapons.

Khalezov knew about the associated U.S.A./U.S.S.R. treaty, governing the size limit to be 150 kilotons, for any nuclear device, to be detonated during peacetime use.

Controlled Demolition Inc. failed to get the size requirement they needed. Note the destructive blast waves (that you cannot see, there are two, at the speed of light, a damaging wave and a crushing blast wave, exactly 3 milliseconds apart) were not powerful enough to reach the top of the twin towers.

That’s why Building 7 looks different. If the charges were 200 kiloton, instead of just 150, the twin towers would have looked exactly like Building 7 did, going down.

The 150 kiloton thermonuclear device set at 77 meters below Building 7, was just like the ones used on each the twin towers. The crushing nuclear blast wave easily reached the top of the skyscraper, as Building 7 wasn’t as tall as the twin towers.

Except a large facade untouched by the blast waves, Building 7 instantly crushed into microscopic fluffy dust, entirely. It fell down as a sandcastle would, once it’s dried out of moisture, only much more fine than coarse sand.

Note how it leaves dust in the air as it goes down.

Nothing bigger than a 5 micron spec of steel, glass, carpet, concrete, telephone, or anything else, it was ALL microscopic fluffy dust.

The undamaged tops of both twin towers, plowed down through the pile of microscopic fluffy dust. Building 7 WAS microscopic fluffy dust.

According to the author of 911thology Dimitri Khalezov, the Port Authority wouldn’t allow, by building code, the construction of a steel skyscraper without a built in engineered demolition scheme. A steel skyscraper cannot be removed by conventional means without collateral damage, was the reasoning behind this.

Khalezov insists the voids created underground, by the super high pressure ball of plasma full of X-rays, would take months to cool down, and at least three years before it was safe to use for a pressure vessel. That’s what Russians did with this technology, they store natural gas in the ready made voids, as it’s a pressure vessel by definition. Only the Russians made sure it was 400 meters below ground for safety, to prevent the surface from leaking radioactivity through the ground, and more dirt and rock is more filter on it’s way to the surface.

Unlike 911. Dimitri says it was John Wolcott who got a bone marrow transplant, by reason of staying too long at Ground Zero, is the reason he wrote the book 911thology.

So whodunit? Khalezov became a personal ‘friend’ of one of the perpetrators!

Michael Harrari, the longest serving intelligence officer of the Mossad, is not “Israel”. This Michael, who was very personable to appearance, Michael Harrari is an international thug, who also ran drugs for the CIA. Khalezov says Freemasons are the perpetrators, and they used a stolen Russian missile from the Kursk to make 9/11 happen.

I read this “book” that Dimitri Khalezov wrote, that you download from the internet, all 1096 pages, from

It’s a PDF you can download to your computer or phone. I read through all the footnotes, studied all the charts, graphs, and pictures. Just to get through this 1096 page mountain of material, I only skipped looking up the hundreds of internet links, as I noted how he printed pictures in the book of the most epic, as you can see those 4 frames I copied and presented above, illustrating steel turning into dust.

According to Dimitri Khalezov, Freemasons are the perpetrators!

The FBI removed the missile from the Pentagon promptly. It was a top secret, supersonic, armored, ‘shipwreck’ missile. Otherwise described from translated Russian, a Granit missile, stolen from the Kursk, made in the USSR, and it’s 500 kiloton thermonuclear warhead did not detonate! Our officials launched the doomsday plane, closed the Norrad doors at Cheyenne Mountain, and believed there were suit case nukes in the twin towers from ‘terrorists’.

Our officials believed there were mini nukes in the twin towers, and used the built in demolition scheme to get rid of the mini nuke threat.

They did it to save lives, from an atmospheric detonation, that includes the destructive air blast wave, heat, radiation, and EMP.

All of that about ‘atmospheric’ is in addition to the crushing blast waves connected to the ball of plasma.

Unlike an underground detonation, above ground detonations exhibit a mushroom cloud. Conventional explosives are incapable of producing a mushroom cloud.


Instead of being honest, our government decided to hide the built in demolition scheme, at the end of the day, and pulled Building 7 at 1720 hours EST, created a 3rd ball of plasma underground. The crime of our government isn’t perpetrating 9/11, but rather the cover-up, and even worse, sending in workers unprotected from the radiological hazards of the cleanup afterward.

The author of “911thology”, Dimitri Khalezov, presents himself as a witness providing testimony and documentation, in contrast to conspiracy theorists we find on the Internet.

I think his reports are truthful.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. I’ll let you decide. This is my best effort at a book report, that is all.


As a professional, I will say Dimitri appears legit. He asks that you pay for his book, on the honor system. He is exiled in Bangkok.

There were three underground thermonuclear detonations on 911.
<—This is above ground. . . . ******************** ***********************